I'm Stéphane.
I'm , male, from Canada.

I never know what to say in these things. Partly because I don't really have any major contributions to anything. I can't say "I'm the author of $book" or that "I gave a talk at $event" or "I am working on $awesome-software-you-probably-heard-of".

Let's see… my first language is French. I'm a bit of an introvert, but enjoy conversing when others approach me.

My preferred communication methods are those in written form. Bonus points if it's asynchronous (e.g.: email).

I work mainly with web technologies. A fan of semantic markup, do my best to follow accessibility best practices. I like craft beer, coffee and computer networking. I'm interested in the indieweb. I play a bit of guitar.

The Site

It's a (mostly) static website generated with Hugo. It supports Webmentions and I can update it via Micropub.

I'll probably write a blog post about how it's setup at some point.