Career Profile

I am a Computer Science Bachelor graduate () from Université de Moncton who's been working on Web Front-End at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) for the past 10 years.


Front-End Developer Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Industry Canada)

Working with designers to implement mockups and prototypes in the browser and iterate to a final product. Implemented front-end tool chain which includes version control (git), code linting (js/sass), and a local development environment.

Front end:
Tool chain:

Web Publisher Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Industry Canada)

Working with clients to convert Word and PDF documents to HTML

Part of Industry Canada CSS Working Group creating a style guide of reusable components.

Provided training on HTML, CSS and Accessibility

Front end:

Work Projects

Some of the projects I've been working on.
A natural-language form as a one-stop-shop to help Canada's innovators and entrepreneurs find a tailored list of grants, expert advice, connections and more.
Contact Us
Depending on which dropdown items are selected, visitors are provided with a specific branch/department's contact information for quicker triage.
Megaphone icon at the bottom of all pages that allows visitors to submit feedback on the page they are currently viewing.
Google Custom Search Engine implementation. Customized to add multiple filters capabilities.
SVG animation
Added animations to SVG elements.

Hobby Projects

OC Transpo GPS Bus Tracker
Using the OC Transpo API to track the next buses' GPS location at my morning bus stop. This way, I can spend the least amount of time waiting for the bus outside in the winter. I'm also using the navitia API to get the scheduled times for the upcoming buses.
Nearby Airplanes Tracker
Tracking nearby airplanes using a ADS-B capable antenna. Completely useless, but kinda fun.
Water Usage Tracker
Tracking water usage from the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device on our house with a software defined radio (SDR) receiver.
We All Profit.ca
Directory of social enterprises in the Ottawa region.